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Sarnoff News

Sarnoff News


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Join the Sarnoff Doximity Group on This is a physician-to-physician messaging board where we will keep you abreast of Sarnoff news, you will be able to collaborate with your peers, seek mentorship and guidance and share your own news.  Join us today!  Contact Patty Kehoe at for more information.


The latest in Sarnoff News

Rosanne Rouf, MD (1999-2000 Fellow, 2009-13 Scholar) had her research- supported by the Sarnoff Scholar Award- published this week in JCI InsightThe paper shows that ERK1/2 signaling is uniquely increased in the nonmyocyte compartment and plays a critical role in mediating load-induced dilated cardiomyopathy in fibrillin-1 deficient mice. 


Rajat Gupta, MD (2005-06 Fellow, and 2014-15 Scholar) had his research (co-authored by Joseph Hadaya, MD ( 2015-16 Fellow) and Jonathan Brown,MD (1997-98 Fellow and 2007-11 Scholar)) - supported by Sarnoff Scholar funding- published today in Cell. Here is a LINK to his paper. The topic is the establishment of a single genetic variant which distally regulates Endothelin-1 expression and thereby affects risk for 5 vascular diseases (coronary artery disease, hypertension, migraine headache, fibromuscular dysplasia, and arterial dissection).


Parth Patel (2016-17 Fellow) has recently been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) during his Sarnoff year. The title of his publication is Identification of Pathogenic Gene Mutations in LMNA and MYBPC3 that alter RNA splicing. Click here for the article.


Ryan Coute (2015-16 Fellow) has recently been published in the American Heart Journal. 2017;188:82-86 titled Electronically self-assessed functional capacity and exercise testing: A comparison of the Duke Activity Status Index and Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System tools, and Ther Hypothermia Temp Manag. 2017 titled Targeted Temperature Management Effectiveness in the Elderly: Insights from a Large Registry and was also the highlight of an AHA news article regarding his Sarnoff research in the lab of Robert Neumar (1988-89 Fellow) 


 Glynnis Garry, MD (2014-15 Fellow) is the inaugural Seldin Scholar at UT Southwestern in Internal Medicine for her presentation, “A Twist-Dependent Progenitor Cell Contributes to Adult Skeletal Muscle.” Her work was performed in collaboration with her faculty mentor, Dr. Eric Olson, her preceptor during her Sarnoff year


Amy Uber (2016-17 Fellow) will be giving an oral presentation at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine conference being held in Orlando, FL


E. Dale Abel, MD PhD (Chair of the Board) has received the inaugural Network of Minority Health Research Investigators (NMRI) Medallion from the NMRI for his years of significant service and contribution to the network at the NIH. See the article here.


Congratulations to Ann Marie Schmidt, MD (Former Chair of the Board) who gave the 1016 ATVB Plenary Lecture which was published in the most recent issue of ATVB, along with a “review” of the author. 


Congratulations to these Sarnoff Alumni who have matched at the following institutions:

Matthew Christensen
, Internal Medicine at University of Utah
Nicole Duggan, Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

Shenise Gilyard, Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

Joseph Hadaya, General Surgery at University of California, Los Angeles
Melissa Herrin, Cardiothoracic Surgery at University of Washington
Nick Hogan, Internal Medicine at University of California, San Diego
Bryce Johnson, Internal Medicine at University of Pennsylvania
Amir Munir, Internal Medicine at Brigham & Women's Hospital
Jeans Santana, Anesthesiology at SUNY Downstate
Maxine Tang, Internal Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles


 Melissa Herrin, MD (2015-16 Fellow) conducted two congenital cardiac surgery clinical outcomes projects.  The first is in Science Direct and the second title is Hemodynamic Parameters Predict Adverse Outcomes Following Biventricular Conversion with Single Ventricle Palliation Takedown. 

Sharlene Day, MD 
(Member of the Scientific Committee) was recently published in JAMA

Benjamin Steinberg, MD (2005-06 Fellow) was recently published in the American Journal of Cardiology


Aniruddh Patel, MD (2012-13 Fellow) had an abstract recently published in Pub Med


Javid Moslehi, MD (1998-99 Fellow) and Aarti Asnani, MD (2006-07 Fellow) have been quoted on their cardio-oncology work in the Philadelphia Inquirer


Jeans Santana (2015-16 Fellow) is 2nd author on the following paper in the Journal of Biological Rhythms and presented a poster at the LMSA National Conference.  He also received the "best overall" conference podium presentation at the Association of VA Surgeons 41st Annual Surgical Symposium in Houston,TX

Debra Dixon (2014-15 Fellow) was recently published in Pub Med as a result of her Sarnoff work


The following Alumni presented posters or gave talks at the AHA Scientific Sessions to be held in New Orleans, LA, from November 12-16, 2016.

Aaron Aday, MD (2007-08 Fellow)
Billy Chun (2015-16 Fellow)
Matt Christensen (2015-16 Fellow)
Ryan Coute (2015-16 Fellow)
Barran Hamman, MD (1985-86 Fellow)
Derek Klarin, MD (2010-11 Fellow)
Rohit Mital, MD (2012-13 Fellow)
Ngoc Nguyen (2015-17 Fellow)
Benjamin Steinberg, MD (2005-06 Fellow)
Amy Uber (2016-17 Fellow)

Saptarsi Haldar, MD (1998-99 Fellow) is co-founder of Tenaya Therapeutics, a company working with Gladstone scientists to find a cure for heart disease.


S. Saad Mahmood, MD (2007-08 Fellow) was recently published in Lancetwith their Editorial and then the study was quoted in the New York Times


Matthew Christensen (2015-16 Fellow) was recently published in PLOS One and the study was highlighted on CNN.


Ryan Coute (2015-16 Fellow) won a "Best of the Best" Oral Abstract Award for Cardiac and Trauma Resuscitation Science during the AHA Scientific Sessions-presenting his Sarnoff Fellowship work under Bob Neumar, MD (1988-89 Fellow). Congrats Ryan!


Javid Moslehi, MD, (1998-99 Fellow), recently published an article related to cardio-oncolgy in the New England Journal of Medicine.  An interview was quoted in the New York Times Health Section. 

Amy Uber (2016-17 Sarnoff Fellow) was selected to receive the American Heart Association’s Council on Cardiopulmonary, Critical Care, Perioperative and Resuscitation (3CPR) 2016 Junior Investigator Travel Stipend.  This award recognizes meritorious work by young investigators in training, encourages participation in the AHA Scientific Sessions, and provides a stipend to help alleviate travel expenses to travel to Scientific Sessions.  Amy will be acknowledged as a Junior Investigator Travel Stipend recipient at the 3CPR Annual Council Dinner on Tuesday, Nov.15, in New Orleans


Ngoc Nguyen (2015-17 Fellow) has received a BCVS Minority Travel Grant to attend the AHA Scientific Sessions 2016 in New Orleans, LA.


William Kaelin, MD (Preceptor to many Sarnoff Alumni-Javid Moslehi, MD (1998-1999 Fellow), Steven Bair (2010-2012) and Alan Baik (2011-2013)), and who gave a preceptor talk at the annual meeting in 2012 shared the Lasker Award this year. Here is the announcement

Thom Rooke, MD (1982-83 Fellow) received the ATLAS award to celebrate the career and impact of physicians who have distinguished themselves as scholars and leaders in their respective vascular fields at the 2016 VIVA conference. 


James Pirruccello, MD (2009-10 Fellow) is a co-author of a recent publication in PLOS


Jeans Santana (2015-16 Fellow) had an abstract accepted to the American College of Surgeons Scientific Forum in October. His abstract title is: eNOS Mediates Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) Maturatio.  He is also co-author of two recent online publications. Click here for link1 and link2


Pierre Theodore, MD (1992-93 Fellow) has recently taken a new position as Vice President in innovation at Johnson and Johnson.


Kaavya Paruchuri, MD (2011-12 Fellow) was published in the JCI insight page based upon the work she did during her Sarnoff year.  Here is the link

Benjamin Steinberg, MD 
(2005-06 Fellow) is finishing his cardiology and EP fellowships at Duke and has accepted a faculty position in Cardiac Electrophysiology at the University of Utah.

Anita Ying, MD (1997-98 Fellow) has been promoted to Associate Professor in Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology in addition to being promoted to Executive Medical Director in Ambulatory Clinical Operations at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

She has also just published a paper with Michael Porter from Harvard Business School. 

Brian Williams, MD
(2006-07 Fellow) will finish a fellowship June 30 in Neurosurgical Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center and will be going to the University of Louisville to be an Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery and the Director of Neurosurgical Oncology.


Rajat Gupta, MD (2005-06 Fellow, 2014-15 Scholar) has started his K08 award for the project "From association to function at the PHACTR1 GWAS locus for coronary atherosclerosis."
Jonathan Edwards, MD (2011-12 Fellow) and his research mentor, Dr. Bruce Gelb, recently published a review article entitled “Genetics of congenital heart disease” in the journal Current Opinion in Cardiology--which can be found here

He was also selected for the Society for Pediatrics Research House Officer Research Award, which will be presented at the annual Pediatric Academics Societies meeting in April. 


The following Alumni have matched for Residency with the following programs:
Debra Dixon, Vanderbilt University in PSTP

Glynnis Garry, UT Southwestern in IM and Cardiology
Rahul Goli, University of Pennsylvania in IM
Arune Gulati, Johns Hopkins University in IM
Wan Xing Han, Stanford University in Surgery
Nick Oh, UCLA in Surgery
Calvin Sheng, Johns Hopkins University in IM

Jeans Santana (2016-17 Fellow) 
working with Dr. Alan Dardik at Yale University, recently contributed to the following review paper on Pubmed:  Click her for the link

Debra Dixon (2015-16 Fellow) was recently published in the Springer Science+Business Media Publication with an article titled "Combined post-and pre-capillary pulmonary hypertension in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction" Click here for the link


Adrienne Richards, MD (1989-90 Fellow) is a recipient of the 2015 CEO Leadership Excellence Award established by PPD to recognize and reward leaders for consistency in leading strategically and delivering high quality results that have meaningful customer impact.


Jeffrey Lin, MD (2007-08 Fellow) was the lead author on an American Heart Association Report regarding College Football Lineman who Face a Greater Risk of Heart Disease.       Click here for link on article

David Strauss, MD, PhD (2007-09 Fellow) the
 Government's OCP’s Senior Advisor for Translational and Experimental Medicine (TEM), has received the prestigious HHS Secretary’s Award for Meritorious Service.  Click here for the full article


The following Alumni spoke or presented posters at AHA this year in Orlando, FL. 

Aaron Aday, MD (2008-09 Fellow)
Robert Altman, MD (1987-88 Fellow)
Mark Jeong, MD (2001-02 Fellow and 2011-13 Scholar)
Rosanne Rouf, MD (1999-2000 Fellow, 2009-12 Scholar)
Calvin Sheng (2014-15 Fellow)
Benjamin Steinberg, MD (2005-06 Fellow)

Steven Brooks, MD (1994-95 Fellow) has relocated from Sage Growth Partners to his own consulting firm, Brooks Medtech, LLC, and is also the VP of Regulatory Affairs and Health Economics for Ablative Solutions, a Silicon Valley company with an innovative product for renal denervation to treat hypertension. David Kandzari, MD (1992-93 Fellow) is a principle investigator and strategic adviser for this same company.

The Foundation's Board Chair, Dr. E. Dale Abel was recently elected into the National Academy of Medicine, along with Sarnoff Alumnus and current Preceptor, Dr. Bob Neumar, (1988-89 Fellow) and current Preceptor, Dr. Christopher Glass,   The details are on the following link.


Kevin Alexander, MD (2009-10 Fellow) is currently a Fellow in Cardiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Maxine Tang (2015-16 Fellow)  was accepted for a poster presentation at the 19th Annual Scientific Sessions in Los Angeles.Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. The title is "Left Atrial Wall Imaging Using a Novel Black-Blood Late Gadolinium Enhancement Sequence".

Navid Nafassi, MD (2012-13 Fellow) and Calvin Sheng (2014-15 Fellow) are co-authors on a paper for work performed during their Sarnoff Fellowship years in the Seidman Laboratory. Here is the link to the paper


Charles "Chaz" Hong, MD, PhD (1989-90 Fellow and 2005 Scholar) recently licensed compounds for clinical development for rare genetics diseases like fibrodysplasia ossficans progressiva, muscular dystrophy and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, as well a variety of cancers driven by aberrant BMP signaling.Here is the link to the article.


Masha Livhits, MD,
(2004-05 Fellow) recently joined the UCLA Endocrine Surgery faculty.


Ilton Cubero-Salazar (2013-14 Fellow) was recently accepted into the 4th Year Medical Student Clerkship at Johns Hopkins University.  This program is intended for 4th year medical students who are from groups under-represented in medicine, including under represented minorities who intend to pursue a career in internal medicine or its sup specialties.   

Molong Li (2013-14 Fellow) is co-author on an article in Cell.  Deepak Srivastave, host lab mentor, is the senior author.  See article here


Ahmad Bayomy, MD (2009-10 Fellow) has authored the following papers: Regeneration in heart disease-Is ECM the key? Life Sci. 2012;91(17-18):823–827 and A role for matrix stiffness in the regulation of cardiac side population cell function. AJP: Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 2015;308(9):H990–7.


Ilton Cubero-Salazar (2013-14 Fellow) had an abstract accepted for presentation at the Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2015 Scientific Sessions, held in July. 


Sina Salehi Omran (2013-14 Fellow) recently had an abstract accepted for a poster presentation at the 2015 Stroke Conference titled "Shear Stress and Co-culture with Astrocytes Determine Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cell Phenotype".

Raj Gupta, MD (2005-06 Fellow and 2014-15 Scholar) won 1st place (Fellows' Basic Science) at the 10th Annual Northwestern Cardiovascular Young Investigators' Forum held in Chicago. James W
isler,MD (2006-07 Fellow) received second place. 

Powell Jose, MD
(2004-05 Fellow) published an article and an editorial in JACC.  Here are the links: 




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